Owners: Paul Dolan

Below is a video post about Paul Dolan, the owner of the Cleveland Indians. Enjoy!


A look back before a look forward

chiefWhen thinking back on the Indians’ 2016 season, it’s impossible to not focus on the gut-wrenching World Series loss in game 7. And while it’s safe to say that game 7 will be the enduring memory of the campaign, it was not a bad summer to be an Indians fan.

The Tribe cruised to its first AL Central title since the 2007 season, and did so largely on the strength of its pitching. Continue reading “A look back before a look forward”

The Game Plan

A description of what we do

No team goes into a contest without a plan of attack. Players and coaches outline what they hope to do, then discuss how to execute that game plan. The game plan for this blog is simple: educate the fans.

Here at Cleveland Sports Scene, we’ll provide the facts you need as well as the opinions you want. We’ll analyze everything, Continue reading “The Game Plan”