Jersey 7: The 2003-2010 road duds

The seventh spot on our countdown belongs to these shining duds: the uniforms the Cavs wore during LeBron Ja2003-roadmes’ first stint with the team.

The Cavs transitioned away from their hideous black and blue scheme and back to the traditional wine and gold pairing when they drafted the hometown star. The fact that these replaced those atrocious uniforms singlehandedly earned them a spot in the top 10. Continue reading “Jersey 7: The 2003-2010 road duds”


A Cavaliers X-factor

download (3).jpgWith the NBA playoffs in full swing now, the Cavaliers are sitting pretty in their first-round matchup. They lead the Pacers two games to nothing, winning both games at home in Quicken Loans Arena.

Now, as game three looms tomorrow, they’ll head to Indianapolis. LeBron has, at times, struggled on the road against the Pacers. Continue reading “A Cavaliers X-factor”

Jersey 8: The 1974-80 road golds

1974-homeIf you like the current home and away uniforms, then it’s hard not to like these jerseys as well. First and foremost, they look great. The colors are clean, the horizontal stripes look fantastic, and the colors pop.  Once again, these jerseys are perfect for their era: showy, a little gaudy, and perfectly 70s.

These jerseys were worn by some pretty lousy Cavs teams. It took the franchise awhile to become decent. That being said, some Cavs greats wore these duds. Stars like Campy Russel, Austin Carr and Nate Thurmond donned these gold masterpieces. Partly for nostalgia’s sake, and partly for their elegance, these jerseys grab the eighth spot in our countdown.

-Ethan Kibbe

Jersey 10: The Current Road Uniform

2010-roadThe 10th-best uniform in Cavaliers history is the one the team currently wears on the road.

What makes it great? First, it has the team’s original wine-and-gold color scheme. The deep red hue and the dark yellow look great together.

Also, the jersey is simple. It is two toned, the stripes are clean and crisp, and the colors are not distracting to the viewer. It is classically elegant.

Finally, it reads “Cleveland” across the chest. Not Cavaliers. Cleveland. Continue reading “Jersey 10: The Current Road Uniform”

Fashion Time: Counting Down the Cavaliers’ Best Uniforms

In their 47-year existence, the Cavaliers had worn a variety of different uniforms. They’ve even worn several different color schemes. But which uniform is the best ever? And what makes it so great?

Here’s a look a the definitive ranking of the Cavs’ 10-best uniforms. More-detailed posts will follow with a explanation of what sets each look apart. Enjoy, and GO CAVS!

2010-road.png10. The current road uniforms.

1974-home.png9.The 1974-80 road duds.

1974-road.png8. The 1974-80 home uniforms.

2003-road.png7. The 2003-10 road jersey

1983-road.png6. The 1983-87 road look

2014-road-alternate.png5.The current road alternate

2009-cavfanatic.png4. The current Cavfanatic or “stretch” jersey

1987-road.png3. The 1987-1989 road jersey

2003-home.png2. The 2003-2010 home duds

2005-alternate1.The 2005-2010 road alternates

-Ethan Kibbe