The Browns and tomorrow’s draft

download (1)It’s almost Christmas in Cleveland. The NFL Draft is tomorrow, and nothing excites Browns fans more than the chance to draft a franchise-changing player. To be clear, the team never does, but hey, just wait till next year.

With only about 30 hours to go before decision time begins, it’s time for a final round of  “what are they gonna do?” Continue reading “The Browns and tomorrow’s draft”


Cleveland Browns: predicting the draft

dawgI’ll admit, this seems like a foolish undertaking. Professionals spend hours and hours breaking down tape, interviewing players and coaches and trying to formulate perfect mock drafts.

I haven’t spent hours, I’ve interviewed no one and I’m not an expert.  Continue reading “Cleveland Browns: predicting the draft”

Talkin’ Browns and an important offseason

The Brodownload (1).jpgwns have now spent two — two!! — offseasons with the same front office. And after a lousy 1-15 season last year, this front office has some work to do. With the Draft approaching, I wound up in a conversation with myself about last year, this year and that ever-present Browns Fan Hope.

Q: Let’s start here: what do you think of the front office so far? Continue reading “Talkin’ Browns and an important offseason”

Cleveland Browns and the eternal QB question

cody-kessler-cleveland-browns-quarterback.jpgMondays and Tuesdays tend to be depressing enough by themselves, so why not compound that and talk about the Browns?

Since the browns re-entered the league in 1999, just about every year a fan could reasonably ask, “What are the Browns going to do for a starting quarterback?” 18 years later, that has not changed.

Right now, the Browns have two real options on the roster. Continue reading “Cleveland Browns and the eternal QB question”

Breaking down the Brock Osweiler trade

10webnfl-master768 photo

As free agency began Thursday in the NFL, the Browns were active. They drastically strengthened their offensive line and added Kenny Britt to their receiving corps.

The biggest  move of the day, though, was a trade as the Browns sent compensatory fourth and sixth-round picks to Houston for a second round pick and quarterback Brock Osweiler.

Really, the Browns gave up nothing since compensatory picks fall at the end of the round. They have to, at least for the time being, eat Osweiler’s $16 million contract. Continue reading “Breaking down the Brock Osweiler trade”