Trouble in Tribe Town?

Through their first 13 games of the season, the Cleveland Indians have six wins and seven losses. The natural inclination of any fan in that situation would be to say, “it’s early,” and, of course, it is. But is there reason for concern in the 216?

Perhaps the Tribe’s biggest issues revolve around its pitching staff. Ace Corey Kluber has been shaky at best. He’s looked decent during parts of his outings, but even during a win over the Tigers, he got whacked around a bit. Likewise, on opening day, he got touched, but the team came away on top.

Josh Tomlin has looked awful. Not bad, awful. There’s little more to say. The Little Cowboy isn’t throwing bullets; he’s lobbing meatballs. Tomlin has never had elite stuff. He’s a location pitcher; he survives by hitting his spots. Right now, though, his “spot” seems to be hanging breaking pitches right down Broadway. At least fans have gotten some souvenirs that way.

The positive note for the Tribe has been its bullpen. Cody Allen, in particular, has been excellent slamming the door in the ninth. Andrew Miller has been hit a little bit, but the big three of Bryan Shaw, Miller and Allen have looked just fine.

There probably are little reasons to worry about the Tribe, but right now, Cleveland has bigger fish to fry. So, until the Cavs’ playoff run is over, I’d focus on them.

-Ethan Kibbe



Can the Cavaliers top the Pacers?

In game one of theor first-round playoff matchup, the Cleveland Cavaliers narrowly defeated the Indiana Pacers, beating the seventh-seeded team by only one point. In fact, had  Indiana’s CJ Miles  knocked down his attempt at a game-winning shot, the Cavaliers would find themselves in a one-game hole.

Thankfully for the Cavaliers and the wine-and-gold faithful, Miles missed.  There’s  no sense speculating  about what might have been, so let’s focus on what might be. Are the Pacers a threat to the Cavaliers? After all, LeBron James has had his fair share of struggles playing in Indianapolis. And, the Cavaliers ended the regular season winning only nine of their final 22 games.

Bearing all that in mind, however, it’s hard for me to say that the Cavs are in any real danger, at least in this first round. The bottom line is that they have LeBron, and nobody else does. Against teams loaded with star players, LeBron cannot single-handedly win every single game. But against a team like the Pacers that has found success by playing team-oriented ball without a star player, only a fool  would pick against The King. It all comes down to this: is this Indiana squad capable of taking four of the next six games from perhaps the greatest player in NBA history? I don’t think so.  Therefore, while the series might induce more goosebumps and nervous sweats than Cavs fans would prefer, at the end of the day, my money is on The King and the Cavs to be playing in round two.

-Ethan Kibbe

Talkin’ Browns and an important offseason

The Brodownload (1).jpgwns have now spent two — two!! — offseasons with the same front office. And after a lousy 1-15 season last year, this front office has some work to do. With the Draft approaching, I wound up in a conversation with myself about last year, this year and that ever-present Browns Fan Hope.

Q: Let’s start here: what do you think of the front office so far? Continue reading “Talkin’ Browns and an important offseason”

Cleveland Browns and the eternal QB question

cody-kessler-cleveland-browns-quarterback.jpgMondays and Tuesdays tend to be depressing enough by themselves, so why not compound that and talk about the Browns?

Since the browns re-entered the league in 1999, just about every year a fan could reasonably ask, “What are the Browns going to do for a starting quarterback?” 18 years later, that has not changed.

Right now, the Browns have two real options on the roster. Continue reading “Cleveland Browns and the eternal QB question”