The Browns and Mitch Trubisky

mitch-trubisky-draft.jpgFor the better part of a week now, rumors have been flying that the Browns are somewhat enamored with UNC quaterback Mitchell Trubisky. 

A few mock drafts have the Browns taking him with the first-overall pick. Many, many other predictions say the Browns will package the number 12 pick with other goodies from their draft-pick treasure trove to move back up into the top ten and snag the QB.

The question isn’t “will they?” It’s the Browns. God only knows what they’ll do, and even he’s probably a little unsure at this point. The question is, “should they.”

Call me conservative, but I don’t think so. The Browns need a quarterback. They need one desperately. But Trubisky is both raw an unproven.  He played only one year as the starter at UNC. Sure, he has great arm strength, but he’s a project. The team won’t win right away with him, and there’s no way to tell if he’ll amount to anything.

To me, drafting Trubisky, and giving up valuable picks to do it, would be a huge blunder. They shouldn’t even take him at 12. They have so many hols that they need to take the best available player every time they pick.

Drafting Trubisky would be like a little kid lying to his parents. It buys some time, but at some point, the truth is going to come out. A rookie quarterback buys the front office time, but it does little to really fix the team. Instead, let’s draft defensive players and receivers. A strong defense and solid players surrounding a quarterback are the keys to success.

-Ethan Kibbe


Author: Ethan Kibbe

Ethan Kibbe is a former sports editor of The Bona Venture. He works in television production, including news and sports.