Talkin’ Browns and an important offseason

The Brodownload (1).jpgwns have now spent two — two!! — offseasons with the same front office. And after a lousy 1-15 season last year, this front office has some work to do. With the Draft approaching, I wound up in a conversation with myself about last year, this year and that ever-present Browns Fan Hope.

Q: Let’s start here: what do you think of the front office so far?

A: Wow. That’s a heck of an opening question.  The right answer here is probably to give a grade of “incomplete.” But that’s the coward’s way out. Call me an optimist, but I’ll say B-.

Q: A grade without reason seems arbitrary and pointless. Therefore, why a B-?

A: I think the brain trust has done a very, very average job so far. They’ve done some things I really like, and, like all front offices since 1999, they’ve done things that bewildered and upset me.

Q:Like what?

A:  Well, they did things like let Mitchell Schwartz walk in free agency, and they let Taylor Gabriel, Alex Mack, and Travis Benjamin go as well. Those were core guys. But I like all the draft picks they’ve acquired, I like the Osweiler trade and I like that they’re not trying to slap a bandage over this horrid team. They’re taking their time to fix things properly.

Q: Speaking of picks, what should they do with the ones they have this year?

A: First, draft Myles Garrett. Then, it depends. If the 12th pick can get a certain New England quarterback, do it. Otherwise, take a player there. But not a quarterback. I don’t like any in this draft class.

Q: On the quarterback note, what happens with Osweiler?

A: I think they’ll play him some in camp, but before long, he’ll get traded. He’s there to get more picks.

Q: And a prediction for this year?

A: With Jimmy G, 6-10. Without, 3-13.


Author: Ethan Kibbe

Ethan Kibbe is a former sports editor of The Bona Venture. He works in television production, including news and sports.