Talkin’ Browns and an important offseason

The Brodownload (1).jpgwns have now spent two — two!! — offseasons with the same front office. And after a lousy 1-15 season last year, this front office has some work to do. With the Draft approaching, I wound up in a conversation with myself about last year, this year and that ever-present Browns Fan Hope.

Q: Let’s start here: what do you think of the front office so far? Continue reading “Talkin’ Browns and an important offseason”


Cavaliers: Time to panic?

blog2Friday night, the Cavaliers pulled off a much-needed win over Charlotte. It wasn’t the prettiest of wins, but the team needed a road win badly after an embarrassing performance in Denver earlier this week.

The question is, do the Cavs have reason for concern? Continue reading “Cavaliers: Time to panic?”

Cleveland Browns and the eternal QB question

cody-kessler-cleveland-browns-quarterback.jpgMondays and Tuesdays tend to be depressing enough by themselves, so why not compound that and talk about the Browns?

Since the browns re-entered the league in 1999, just about every year a fan could reasonably ask, “What are the Browns going to do for a starting quarterback?” 18 years later, that has not changed.

Right now, the Browns have two real options on the roster. Continue reading “Cleveland Browns and the eternal QB question”

A look back before a look forward

chiefWhen thinking back on the Indians’ 2016 season, it’s impossible to not focus on the gut-wrenching World Series loss in game 7. And while it’s safe to say that game 7 will be the enduring memory of the campaign, it was not a bad summer to be an Indians fan.

The Tribe cruised to its first AL Central title since the 2007 season, and did so largely on the strength of its pitching. Continue reading “A look back before a look forward”