Draft option one: Myles Garrett

jerry-jones-not-so-amused-by-myles-garrett-video-2017When discussing the Browns and the draft, one name come up consistently: Myles Garrett.

The defensive end out of Texas A&M is perhaps the most talented defensive player in the draft and is quite possibly the most skilled player on either side of the ball.

Garrett draws comparisons to Houston Texans star Jadeveon Clowney. He’s quick off the line and already defends the run excellently.

Garrett’s size also works to his advantage. He’s a physical beast, standing at 6’5 and weighing 270 pounds.

Garrett likely has the greatest upside of anyone entering the draft. Should he develop like some scouts think he might, superstardom would be assured. But things don’t always go as planned, and scouts do note several red flags when examining the prospect.

Garrett needs work defending the pass. He’s slower to the quarterback than some would like and probably needs to become more adept at using his body to get past offensive linemen. He lacks a swim move or something of that nature.

Perhaps more worrisome is the doubt that some scouts have called to his effort. They say he may have taken some plays off in college. In the NFL, where the competition is elite every Sunday, Garrett will have to bring his a-game every game.

Despite the potential drawbacks, Garrett enters the draft as a likely selection for the Browns. The team mustered only 15 sacks last season and often failed to pressure opposing quarterbacks, so any help is needed.

If Garrett ends up in Cleveland, one can only hope he turns out better than the last A&M product the team took a chance on, Johnny Manziel.

-Ethan Kibbe


Author: Ethan Kibbe

Ethan Kibbe is a former sports editor of The Bona Venture. He works in television production, including news and sports.