A Draft Dilemma

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On April 27, when representatives of all 32 NFL franchises gather in Philadelphia for the annual amateur draft, the Brows will have their pick of the litter.

By posting a historically bad 1-15 record in 2016, the Browns earned received the first overall pick in the draft. With a roster that is shoddy at best, the team could go several directions with the pick.

It goes without saying that a team does not finish 1-15 because its roster just needs a little tweaking. The Browns roster has more holes than a golf course. The team has no legitimate quarterback, needs help on the offensive line, needs a pass rusher and could use  a boost in its secondary. Questions remain as to whether the lowly Browns even have a quality number-one receiver.

The positive part of all this is that pretty much any player is guaranteed to make the team better, at least marginally. But choosing the first-overall pick is meant to be a franchise-altering decision, one that results the drafting of a player that anchors a team’s reversal from cellar dweller to the playoff contender.

So what will the Browns do with pick? Draft a quarterback? An offensive lineman? A defensive back? Or will they do what the Browns do best and punt the pick, trading it for additional selections in this draft and future ones?

Over the next few weeks, I’ll look at the team’s options, and then, since its impossible to make worse decisions than the Browns’ front office has, offer my grade on each option and issue a final decision on what the team should do.

Until then, just be glad you don’t have to watch the Browns again until September.

-Ethan Kibbe


Author: Ethan Kibbe

Ethan Kibbe is a former sports editor of The Bona Venture. He works in television production, including news and sports.