The Game Plan

A description of what we do


No team goes into a contest without a plan of attack. Players and coaches outline what they hope to do, then discuss how to execute that game plan. The game plan for this blog is simple: educate the fans.

Here at Cleveland Sports Scene, we’ll provide the facts you need as well as the opinions you want. We’ll analyze everything, from games to players to coaches to owners, breaking down the information and explaining what it all means for you, the fan.

The blog will contain both articles and videos as we deliver our information through various media platforms. Factual, it will be. Flashy, it will not. This blog is your best friend: dependable, steady, entertaining. We’ll bring the news, you bring the enthusiasm.

Since this is a no-nonsense blog, enough of this introduction nonsense. Let the discussion begin. Later this week, the first entry of a three-part series on the owners of the Indians, browns and Cavaliers will premiere. Stay tuned.

-Ethan Kibbe

Author: Ethan Kibbe

Ethan Kibbe is a former sports editor of The Bona Venture. He works in television production, including news and sports.